Eduard Slinin Blazes a Trail with Eco-friendly Hybrid Vehicles

Blazing a trail refers to doing something that is original and has never been done before, especially something that is important for others to follow. Sadly, in today’s world, reports of the greed and selfishness of big corporations has become a common topic. It is both unique and commendable when a company chooses to blaze a trail by doing the right thing to conserve our planet and make our environment safer for all.

Joining other innovative leaders, Eduard Slinin, owner and founder of Corporate Transportation Group, is a savvy businessman who seems to understand the importance of accountability to the people he serves and to the planet we all share. Although many components of the hybrid car are still being debated and there is no consensus of opinion about its pros and cons, hybrid cars are one way to help solve the problem of high oil prices and deteriorating environmental conditions. Responsible business owners and CEOs are always on the lookout for what they can do to help protect our environment because they know this is also good for the long term success and viability of their company.

All across America corporations are becoming more aware of our fragile environmental problems and are doing what they can to help preserve our ecosystems, such as creating employee incentive programs. For instance, Bank of America has developed a program to reimburse employees that purchase hybrids. Others like Google, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Timberland have followed suit, and the list is growing.

In the ground transportation industry, Eduard Slinin is blazing a trail with 15% of his fleet in the eco-friendly hybrid vehicle category. Smart business owners and leaders know that their success and wealth affords them additional responsibilities, not just to their client-base but to the world at large as well. Although there are challenges when trying to fulfill these responsibilities, businesses that take it seriously are more likely to succeed in the long run.

Hybrid cars are environmentally friendly vehicles that are helping to keep our environment clean and green, reducing toxic emissions by up to 90% and the greenhouse effect by up to 50%. As a country, the U.S. is doing its part; it was registered with more than 1.6 million hybrids as of December 2009. We still have a long way to go, but when leaders, such as Eduard Slinin, founder and owner of Corporate Transportation Group, and Brian Moynihan, Bank of America CEO, make the decision to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, we all win.

Companies throughout America are joining forces and making a difference everyday, and so are individuals. We can all blaze our own trail by empowering ourselves to be a part of the solution instead of waiting for someone else to take the lead.

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